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To the right are listed instructions on how to use this site. The audience for these instructions are members of the Society.

Instructions to Members

Logging In

Click on the 'Log in' link to the right of the menu bar as shown above.
You will then be asked for your email address and password. Initially the password is not set, so just enter your email address and click the 'Sign In' button. Being logged in applies to the whole site.

You can change your user details, including setting a password and changing your email address, by clicking on your name (shown as 'John Caldwell' above). When you finish your session please click the 'Log Out' button.

Admin Menu - Adding paintings to the gallery

Once you have logged in there is an additional menu item 'Admin' on the main menu bar with a set of sub menus below that.

Artist allows you to add information about yourself. That information is shown when a user clicks on a gallery image. It allows a prospective purchaser to contact you to buy a painting. Your email address is already there (you used it to log in). You can add a phone number and a web site URL.
If you wish, you can also add biographical information. It is text only (no images). Please keep it relatively short.

Add Painting allows you to add a painting to the gallery. Of course it could be a photo of some other type of artwork, not just a painting. You are limited to 10 paintings at a time. They disappear after they have been on the site for 12 months. An optimal regime is to add two new paintings every two months. This gives visitors to the site a continually changing set of paintings to look at. There are Notes about Photos to help you take and manipulate photos of your work. The form has various prompts to help you fill it in correctly.

Change Painting allows you to change or delete the painting. Note that while you can change details, you cannot change the photo. If you need to do that, delete the entry and start again.
If a painting sells, please come to this page and change 'sold' from 0 to 1. This will place a red dot against the painting.


Latest newsletters can be downloaded here. You will be notified by email when a new newsletter is published. Eventually paper newsletters will cease to be posted to you. If you want a hard copy you can print the newsletter using your own printer.


Upcoming events are listed here. In the case of exhibitions like Spring and Autumn, the entry form is available to download.

For exhibitors, there is a link from your exhibition event to enable you to enter catalogue and label information. It can be done on the day or ahead of time. Once you have entered details of all your pieces, you can print labels or catalogues. You can also print sales sheets for the front desk to use as sales are made.


Forums provide a means for members to communicate with each other on a range of topics. There are instructions on the left of the Forums page.


Various documents about the Society and its operations are published here.


This is a page of links to other sites. If you have your own web site and would like it linked from this site, make a request via the contact page.


Use this page to get a message to the committee or the administrator of the web site.